Breakthrough Performance Liquid Foundation

This new “Breakthrough Liquid Foundation” by Lorac I think is the next best thing after airbrush makeup. It offers excellent, light-weight coverage and moisturizing feel on my face. It’s best for covering blemishes and giving you that natural flawless finish everyday.

Beauty Tip: Don’t forget to wear primer before any makeup and let the primer absorb your makeup not your skin.

Best secret to any makeup: Good skin. No matter how excellent the makeup is, if you don’t have good skin, it will be a challenge to cover it up. Always use a moisturizer and put effort in taking care of your skin no matter how great your genes are!

IF’s: If you find your facial skin dry after putting on makeup, most likely it is because you really have dry skin. Don’t blame it on the makeup.  Instead, listen to your skin.  On the other hand, if you find the makeup “cakey”, blame the makeup. Not that the makeup is bad but sometimes it isn’t just the right makeup for you.

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