Big, Bold and To-Die for Cocktail Rings

Every women should own at least one cocktail ring. It’s one of the best way to show you’ve got style and what you are made of! The bigger, the better! A good statement ring does not have to be real and expensive but if you can own the mother of all cocktail rings, then you know you have “arrived!”. Vintage is also a go! Although Statement rings are not about the cost. It’s about the style, confidence and the identity of the person who is wearing the ring. However, a good cocktail ring does not show only the current state of mind of the woman who is wearing it and level of comfort she has to herself but most importantly her current state in life and how far she has become.

Here are five gorgeous statement rings:

Cute Cunning Face Golden Tone Leopard Clear Crystal Rhinestone Ring










4.10 Carat (ctw) White Gold Round Diamond Ladies Cocktail Blossom Flower Rose Right Hand Statement Ring














2.00 Carat (ctw) 14k Rose Gold Round Diamond Ladies Flower Cocktail Ring














Burgeon Medusa Cocktail Ring













Borgioni Spider Cocktail Ring














Victorian Style Michal Negrin Statement Ring Ornate with Red Roses Cameo Enhanced by Turquoise Swarovski Crystals












PalmBeach Jewelry Womens 14k Gold Plated Butterfly Ring



























Exquisite Gold Starfish Fashion Statement Ring Embellished with Clear Crystals and Black Acrylic Beads

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