Better than DiorShow Extase Mascara

DiorShow Extase mascara is known to be one of the best mascaras in the market right now.  I have to agree because it really turns your eye lashes around to 180 degrees beautiful!  It also has great reviews, high ratings and receives high recommendations from friends and family.  Someone recommended that I try “They’re Real!/Beyond Mascara” by Benefit.  I was told that “Beyond Mascara” gives the same result (if not better!) than DiorShow Extase for a much cheaper price.

Photo Credit: Benefit

So I tried “They’re Real!/Beyond Mascara” by Benefit and the result was amazing!  The only obvious advantage of Diorshow Extase for me is that Diorshow Extase glides on my eye lashes like silk.  It feels smoother to apply on my lashes, and it only takes one to two applications to get the result that I want.  On the other hand with “They’re Real!/Beyond Mascara” by Benefit it takes at least two applications to get the same result that I want.  However, it does exceed my expectations and it separates my lashes very well due to the round-shape tip of the wand.  Not to mention that it does not smudge or clump at all.    It’s true to their advertising!

I don’t know about DiorShow Extase (how smudge-proof  they are) without the waterproof version.  When I was at Sephora in Hollywood recently and asked for the waterproof version of DiorShow Extase, they said that it does not come with one.  Instead, they handed me DiorShow Iconic which is available in waterproof version.  It’s kind of disappointing to settle for another product when my mind was set on Extase already and not Iconic.  I have nothing against Iconic.  I just didn’t try it at all so I don’t know whether it’s better or just as good as DiorShow Extase.

That’s why I ended up with “They’re Real!/Beyond Mascara” by Benefit and have been very happy with the results!

Photo Credit: Benefit


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