Best Stroller for Infants 12 Months and Below

Why get a bulky and (miserably) heavy stroller if you can get something that is lightweight, easy to setup, easy to maneuver and convenient to everyday errands?!

The Baby Trend Snap N Go Stroller is one of the best recommendations I received before my little boy was born.  I was already close to getting one of those bulky systems until I was told of some great points why get this Snap N Go Stroller…

1.  The stroller is lightweight.  I can lift it from and to my car compartment with one hand.

2.  Easy to setup (literally snap and go!)

3.  Just what you need (no frills!)

4.  Something that a mom can easily manage when doing errands alone with the baby.

5.  The stroller makes moving your baby between car and stroller a snap. Remove the car seat (sold separately) from the car with your baby still in it. Attach the car seat to the stroller and you’re ready to roll.  Why get something that requires you to wake up your always-sleeping infant when it is totally unnecessary?

6.  Although the storage basket at the bottom is quite hard to reach, it is large and has full of space to insert your random items.

7.  Only $69.99 at Babies R Us.  Other systems can be $200 to a thousand!

Read the label carefully of course.  To my recollection, this stroller supports up to 30lbs or 1 year.  My baby retired early from this stroller because he reached 30 lbs a little before he turned 12 months but I definitely enjoy this stroller and I like it very much!

Sometimes to solve baby stress, all you just need is to find the right system that works for you!

Photo Credit: Babies R Us website

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