Barcelona Spain Top Attractions: The Rambla, The Boqueria Market, Chocolates, Travel Photos and more!


There are truly many amazing things and places to see in Barcelona Spain but one of the places that sticks with me is the Rambla and the Boqueria Market. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy looking at chocolates, fruit (and eating too!), walking along the promenade, window shopping, people watching and seeing beautiful fresh flowers?

La Rambla:  This is the city’s most emblematic promenade.  It is a live wire of energy, spilling over with people, markets, and cafes.  Meander down this main artery, with a loop through the Boqueria into the Raval and back out to the Rambla, and you’ll understand the city’s twin passion for great food and gorgeous architecture, both considered vital to barcelonians. – (source: Fodor’s Barcelona book 3rd EditionOur personal travel resource when visiting Barcelona!)

La Boqueria Market: The oldest mid-city, open-air market of its kind in Europe, the Boqueria market, a jumble of color and aromas just off the Rambla, is the heart, as well as the stomach of the city.  As Barcelona culinary fortunes soar, the Boqueria is increasingly assuming its pivotal role as the prime supplier of fish, foul, meats, wild mushrooms, fruits, and vegetables. – (source: Fodor’s Barcelona book 3rd Edition – Our personal travel resource when visiting Barcelona!)

Visit La Ramba and Boqueria Market by clicking each photo below!

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