Super Bag Organizers for Bag Hoppers!

Request:  My purse is a mess!  Can’t find what I am looking for all the time  and sometimes I have to dig deep just to find my car keys.  I also own several purses and would like to switch bags to match my outfit or activity but it’s daunting to move my items from one bag to another.  I need a solution to this!

Recommendation: Get a Bag Organizer or a Purse Insert!

I, myself also need one!  I share your pain.  My stuff always get out of place and it could look like a trash bag sometimes 😉

So here are my list of options and I recommend that you watch the video below to share my passion with these organizers!

Kangaroo Keeper Purse Organizer – As seen on TV! This looks very promising and the answer to all but I have to think about it right after reading the reviews here. Maybe I have to see for myself when I visit Bed Bath and Beyond because it is available to purchase there. But watch the video below and see how it can solve your “bag issues”.

The Butler bag – The first compartmentalized bag (source:  This is great but it seems like you cannot switch bags in a second since the organizer comes with the bag.  However, if you simply want to make it a default that each of your bag comes with a compartment, this is the bag.  I checked the website today but it appears like they are not selling from their site anymore(?) so for sure this would be available on some other place like Amazon.

Photo Source: Butler Bag website.

Purseket – Short for Purse Pocket as seen on Oprah (source:  This easily conforms to the shape of your bag and it can also help you switch bags in a second!  They have lots of colors and styles to choose from although I am not a big fan of patterns.  Reviews are so far great from Amazon but  I just want something more plain to match most of my purse.

Kwiki Bag Insert – The ultimate organizer just like the rest, can help switch bags easily, available in small, medium and large and available in Khaki.  Why Khaki not black? Because while reading some of the reviews in Amazon, one customer made a good point that if you purchase black, sometimes things are harder to find than if you own a purse insert in Khaki.  Something to consider, eh?  However if you disagree, they also have other colors in Black and Red

Photo Source: BagNBasket of

Purse Insert –  This is more generic, has all the great features of the rest, keeps you organized and comes in natural beige and other sizes.

Photo Source: Health Marvels on

Photo Source: Health Marvels on

There are more options in Amazon and eBay.  You just need to figure out the amount of junk (I mean, stuff) you carry in your bag and find which one is best for you!

So many purse inserts to choose from, so little time!

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