Five Awesome Baby Shower Ideas for Boys

Here are some baby shower ideas for boys

baby shower ideas boys

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1.  Big Blue Baby shower Banner with Blue and Light Green Balloons to Match.

big blue baby shower banner for boys

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2.  Custom-made Diaper Bag Fondant Cake for the Mom-to-Be.

Custom made fondant cake for mom baby shower

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3. Fruit Cone Dessert or Fruit Bowl Dessert.

Ingredients: Seedless grapes, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries held by large ice cream cones or ice cream bowls.

Alternatively, you can serve it with whip cream and your favorite ice cream. Perfect for summer!

I used our Keurig Vue’s coffee carousel to display the cones. Here’s the link to buy or get more info about Keurig Vue Carousel

fruit cone dessert with fruit bowl dessert

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fruit cones dessert

Here’s the carousel I used

4. My Own Version of Oshibori (Japanese Hot Towel) or EZ Towel to conveniently wash the hand before/after eating and to replace regular guest napkins. I also made my own apothecary jar to hold the towels.

These EZ Towels are very cool and definitely an instant party conversation starters.

How do you use the towel:
1. Pick a towel and activate with water.
2. Unroll and open.
3. Voila! Ready to use. If you use hot water then you have an instant Oshibori!

EZ Towel for parties

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convenient Oshibori or hot towel

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5. Baby Shower Favors for Boys. As for the favors, I thought of giving away something that will be more useful to my guests than decorative. So I made my own “Essential Travel Kit” for my friends attached with a personalized monogrammed Thank You card.

Baby Shower Favor Travel Essential Kit

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Content: Halls Defense Vitamin C, Altoids, monogrammed Thank You card, large container plastic bag (can be used as a car trash bag or multi-purpose container bag), Post-It, Advil, Wet Wipes, alcohol pads, Band-Aid, Travel pack tissue, granola bar and gel-ink multi-color pen with pencil. All the small items were placed in a snack-size zip lock.



Alternatively, you can purchase a variety of Essential Travel kits on Amazon here: Travel Essential Kit

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  1. October 5, 2014 at 2:26 AM

    Great idea! My niece would surely love this! This gives me an idea on what to do with the baby shower that I’m throwing up next month!

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