Another Hybrid Food in Town: Ramen Burger by Keizo Shimamoto

WHAT: First there was the Cronut, now there is the Ramen Burger! Keizo Shimamoto’s ramen burger is a fresh USDA Prime ground beef chuck patty sandwiched between two craftily formed buns made from freshly cut ramen noodles accompanied by a special sauce and choice market fresh vegetables. The Ramen Burger is the next big thing. It’s like east meets west! Two of your favorite foods in one! Unlike the many Cronut impostors out there, Keizo Shimamoto is the real deal.

WHERE TO FIND: The Ramen Burger debuted last August in NYC and I missed it when they went to LA at Mitsuwa Market in Torrance recently. Other than that, it’s not clear to me exactly where they are located at.

HOW TO CONTACT: Here are their websites:


ramen burger los angeles

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