Anne Hathaway Oscars 2011 Dresses, Jewelry, Glitter Eye Lashes, Makeup, Glitter Shoes. The complete Anne Hathaway outfits during the Oscars 2011!

What did I like the most about Anne Hathaway’s look at the Oscars 2011?

The opening studded white gown, electric blue dress, sparkling stilettos that goes with her tux, glitter eye lashes and fantabulous pink diamond princess necklace! 

I assumed that Rachel Zoe styled her and it’s amazing how and where she got her gowns!  If it was Rachel Zoe who styled her, great job!

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Gorgeous details on Anne Hathaway’s studded white gown during the opening ceremony!

Love these sparkling pair of shoes of Anne Hathaway which compliments well her tuxedo and stage!

I love this pink studded diamond necklace Anne Hathaway wore at the Oscars!

This pink diamond necklace that Anne Hathaway is wearing is definitely to die for!

Classy and comfy Anne Hathaway’s long straight gown with frills

Gorgeous ruby colored gown Anne Hathaway wore at the Oscars



Anne Hathaway’s Electric Blue Off shoulder Long Gown is out-of-this-world!  Beautiful!

Anne Hathaway’s Black and Nude color long gown during the closing ceremony is another hit on stage!


Credit: All photos are taken from ABC Channel 7 live show

Overall, I think both James Franco and Anne Hathaway did an amazing job! Congratulations!  I enjoyed watching the show!

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