How to Achieve that Long, Super Straight, Silky and Smooth Hair like a Goddess!

My hair is naturally straight, long and thick.  It is usually frizzy or poofy.  I always have to wear a ponytail or a hair clip to tame the volume of my hair.  I also often wonder how it is possible to obtain those “Pantene-like” hair on TV commercials because no matter how much Pantene I used or spend on a  shampoo, it never get that “goddess-looking straight hair!”

I came to a conclusion later on that the only way to achieve that result is to wear hair extensions.  I tried it but it didn’t take very long to give up the maintenance involve.

I have also tried L’emarie Brazilian Keratin Treatment from the salon and did my own home treatment but to no avail.  After a few washes, a month or two.. I am back to the boring thick hair.









I also bought a Rotating Hair Brush. It works great but again, it only last a day or two.








Of course, I bought countless of hair products such as John Frieda Frizz-Ease Sheer Solutions Control, Moroccan Oil The Original Oil Treatment, Moroccanoil Shampoo & Conditioner, MoroccanOil Intense Hydrating Mask, a variety of Bumble and Bumble Hair Products, etc. But I am still back to square 1.

But now, I finally achieved that long, smooth and silky natural goddess hair. My secret?

I had a “hair rebond”. This is a must! The only solution for achieving natural, healthy and long straight hair without wearing hair extensions, hiring a “team” to work on your hair or paying top dollar like celebrities do. In the US, it is often referred to as the “Japanese Hair Rebond”. It straightens the hair and usually good for 6 months. I am now in my third month and my hair still look and feel as if I came out of the salon on day 1. This is not the same with the Brazilian Hair Blow dry.

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Here’s my quick beauty steps for hair:

But wait… the picture on the left is Rihanna. Of course, it is not natural. She’s either wearing hair extensions or a wef. But you get the idea.. she got the perfect goddess-straight hair here.

I shampoo my hair using Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Hydrate Conditioner. This is one of the best color-safe shampoo without the sodium lauryl sulfate. Remember, not all shampoo is color safe and not all “mild shampoos” are color safe either. It has to indicate “color-safe”, “zero sulfate” or “sulfate-free” shampoo.

After shampoo, I use Pureology Hydrate Conditioner but once I finished the bottle I tried experimenting and skip the conditioner after shampoo. Instead, I use “lived-in conditioners” such as the Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream and my new favorite that tames and leaves my hair a very good smell,
Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum Unisex.

Then after that, on special occasion or once in a while, I still straight my hair using Remington S9520 Salon Collection Ceramic Hair Straightener with Pearl Infused Wide Plates, 2 Inch. This hair straightener is not just an ordinary hair straightener. It has the Pearl ceramic technology for the smoothest salon finish ever! I would also suggest to use a two-inch hair straightener if you have long and thick hair. This helps speed up the process and gives more control with thicker hair.

There you have it! You may not have a “team of people” to do your hair. But you do have a “team of beauty products and tools” to achieve that gorgeous hair on your own.

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