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What is is a full online curriculum from Preschool to Kindergarten.  It is another avenue to teach your kids and improve their learning skills at home.  It is not free.  It is a subscription-based website, with no advertising, pop-up ads, or links to other sites. 

How did I Hear About it? Believe it or not, a kid recommended it to me.  My 12 year old niece who has a younger sister said that I should check out this”” for my 5-year old son because it is a great website for kids.  She raves about it and told me how her sister enjoys it so much.  For me, nothing is more effective than another child recommending something to an adult when it comes to education.  I want to know what they enjoy and what is effective to them.

My Review

I opted for the 30 day trial although I was really hesitant to try any 30-day trial service that asks for a credit card for a lot of obvious reasons.  Besides, I find $79 for a full year subscription to be quite expensive for something I’m not sure of the value and if my son would just throw away after only 2 days.

But I still did anyway despite mixed reviews of other parents about this website.  I also thought that this would be the perfect time to introduce it to him while school is over and before summer camp starts next week.

It took me 2 to 3 days to really find the value in it until my son started asking for it every night – “Can we do”.  I decided to give it another chance  and continue with the trial.

And then.. I received an email offer from (while in free trial) for a 38% discount coupon or $59 for a full year.  So I subscribed.

During the early stages of using, I thought it was worth $59 for a full year to pay but not $79.  But now that I and my son have been using it at least once a day for two weeks now, I see more value in it and that I made the right decision.  It’s really does help improve my son’s overall learning skills.

My Recommendations

  1. Sign up for a free trial but wait for a few days until they send you that 38% discount before subscribing.  Or, contact them and ask if they can give you a discount when you are ready to pay in full.  I don’t think I just got lucky with the email containing the discount. I think it’s part of their marketing strategy to lure you to subscribe and get you if you don’t purchase soon enough.  I don’t guarantee that everyone gets that “email discount” but I just thought I’d share this method because this is what happened in my case.
  2. Give it a  week to see if your child will enjoy it and get some value from the website.  My son is 5 years old and he can sit all through out the lesson plan up to 2 hours without even noticing the length of the curriculum daily.  I’m not sure though if it would be the same had I tried this when he was 4.  I may not have gotten the same result.  Usually, younger kids tend to have shorter attention spans and just won’t sit still that long.
  3. Don’t expect that your son will be a genius after using this website. I read a lot of mixed reviews out there with parents complaining that it didn’t help their child a bit.  This website is not a substitute for your child’s baby sitter, tutor, school or teacher.  This is more like a supplement to what he may already have.  You will maximize the value of if you use this as a collaboration tool to improve his overall education and your relationship as a parent with your child.
  4. Allow your child to explore the website, go at his/her own phase and let him/her enjoy it on their own terms.  It may help you discover what you child truly enjoys the most and what level of knowledge he or she is currently at.
  5. Make use of all the things the website offers. is a well-designed and well-thought website.  It offers songs, coloring, drawing, games, rewards, shopping, quizzes, virtual pets, etc. Use all the strategies integrated in the website because they are all part of the fun and educational.
  6. You can use it on different gadgets – Your computer, iPad, iPhone and it even works well also if you have a touch-screen desktop computer.
  7. Subscribe to it or at least do the free trial.  Me and my son like it and I thought you may like it too.  Here’s the link to


My Follow Up Feedback:
Two months after using

I can say that I highly recommend it. My son’s reading and spelling skills tremendously improved. Again, the website is most effective when there is parent-child involvement and support. We love it!

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