A Cookware Innovation: Aluminum and Copper Cookware Together in a Set!

Request: I’d love to own a copper cookware set but they are obviously too expensive for me.  On the other hand, I am looking for other high quality non-stick cookware.  Can you please recommend me one?

Recommendation: Try Anolon Nouvelle Copper Cookware!  It’s not cheap but not as expensive as a Mauviel copper cookware set!  Anolon has a copper core base for faster heating with non-stick anodized aluminum surface for accurate control and oven safe to 500 degrees (source: Bed Bath and Beyond).  It is completely non-stick but it’s not from the coating.  The metal itself has non-stick properties.  Clean up is much easier and scratch resistant.  This will  definitely last you for many years!

It’s like having both worlds (aluminum and copper) when you can’t entirely own both just yet!

Photo Credit and available at : Bed Bath and Beyond

Photo Credit and available at : Bed Bath and Beyond

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