5 Ways I Saved Money This Week (Series 1)

I thought of sharing my simple little ways to save money. I will write this in a series so watch out for future posts. I believe that by doing little things here and there, savings can accumulate and resort to a much bigger things! In any case, I hope these tips will help you one way or another:

1. I bought a small magnetic dry-erase board for the fridge to eliminate the use of sticky notes or “Post-It”. I am a big fan of sticky notes. I use them as a reminder at home, at work, for myself, everywhere. I use it a lot as a reminder for things we need to get at the grocery store and list of activities scheduled for the week. We use it as one form of communications at home. I find that the most convenient way to use them consistently is to keep them on the fridge so the family throws the Post-Its away once the individual tasks or items are accomplished. Although sticky notes can be cheap nothing beats re-usable solutions to save money and to meet social and environmental challenges (obviously in this case, it is waste).

I bought three of these small magnetic dry-erase boards at Target for only $1/each and stuck one onto our fridge. Since the front of our fridge won’t hold magnets, I used a double-sided adhesive that won’t damage the surface of the fridge. If you can’t find it in Target, you can buy something similar like the Sparco Marker Board, Melamine Surface, 8-1/2 x 11 Inches, White (SPR75620) or this at Amazon:

mini dry-erase magnetic board

COST: $1/each

2. I bought an all-purpose rug or towel to minimize or (eventually eliminate) the use of paper towels at home, in the kitchen or in the car. High-quality paper towels can be costly while you can get a premium quality rug for only a buck or two. You can re-use it and wash them over and over again!

How I save money this week.  4-Qty All-purpose rug at 99 cents

Similar items can be found in Amazon.com

WHERE I BOUGHT THIS: 99 Cents store.
COST: $1 Quantity of 4.

3. I use a re-usable sandwich bag to replace our Ziplock sandwich bags. I’m a big fan of Ziplock and I know that they are hard to replace. I found a cute re-usable sandwich bag to replace and eliminate the use of plastic bags. I got 3 pieces all for $1 at Target so I bought multiple packs. I use them not only for sandwiches but also as a snack pouch for my son or storage for small toys when traveling. I can also use them as small trash bags (whenever I use a large bag) or pouch for receipts in my bag or just about anything to avoid clutter in my purse.
How i save money this week.  I use a polkadot reusable sandwich bag.

4. I started using “Target Cartwheel”. It’s coupon except it’s an app on my phone that I use in addition to the 5% savings I get from using my Target “Red Card”. I love it! It’s easy to use and it works!

Target Cartwheel

COST: Free.

5. I used our “Vons” card to get .20cents off gas at Chevron or if you don’t go to Vons grocery store, you can participate in your local grocery chain’s gas program — most of them have them! That’s huge gas savings on top of using my electric hybrid car!

prius plugin

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