5 Nice Things in Saks March Fashion 2010 Catalog

I know, it is August 2010 already and I am still featuring a March 2010 catalog.  But the reason is because when I received this free “N” Catalog from Saks Fifth Ave. last Christmas, it’s only now I have the time to toss and recycle it.  But before I do that, I thought of sharing with you some of its contents by posting the top five things I like in their Catalog.

This caught my attention because if you think about it, would you spend $4525 for a quilt bag?!

I mean, I know it’s Chanel, but really?  Although, I have to say that it is insanely gorgeous!

I love the trim, color and silhouette of this dress.  Best for ladies with slim figure!

The dress is gorgeous but I think the shoes are better!

This shoes are lovely but (realistically) if I wear it, the front will be scratched in as little as 2 minutes which eventually will completely erase the tags in front of them, which will make the shoes nameless.  Now, will it be worth it after all?

I always like the gold and brown or beige color combination.  But check out her belt, love it!

Photo Credit: Saks Fifth Avenue (N catalog March 2010), NY, NY 10022

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