20 Ways You Can Make Money From Home

twenty ways you can make money from home

Here are twenty ways you can make money from home but of course, I recommend that you do tons of research before starting one to make sure that you are compliant with all the laws and requirements of each business.

1. Write content online or blogging – If you are tech savvy, start a blog online. You can make money through Google, sponsorship, and other affiliate programs. If you are not that tech savvy but just love to write, submit your content online and get paid. There are many businesses online that need fresh articles and interesting topics. You can get paid for your creative writing. Here’s a book that may help you expand your ideas:

2. Become an Online Retailer – You can sell items online through Ebay, Etsy or become an Amazon Professional Seller. Amazon has created one of the most advanced fulfillment networks in the world to help you increase online sales. All you have to do is pick bunch of products to sell and send them all to Amazon. Let Amazon pick, pack, and ship your orders. Another way is to simply use Amazon’s platform to sell your items and reach hundreds of millions of Amazon customers.

Here’s a sample of a book to help you get started:

3. Sell Insurance – Although this may require you to travel a lot, you can still fulfill this at home. First you have to apply from a reputable insurance company that sells insurance then you can start selling it to friends and family then grow it like any home-based business idea.

4. Cooking & Baking – If you love to cook or bake, this is for you. Start accepting orders for small parties and special occasions.

5. Baby Sitting or Child Care – Baby sitting is one of the best way to make money at home. As for running a Day Care center, it can be a bit complicated because you deal with life and safety. So you’ll need to learn more about laws, requirements and permits before starting your own.

6. Data Entry/Researcher – This type of job is often outsourced by small businesses. A lot of entrepreneurs, writers or practically most small businesses need assistance with research and data entry.

7. Telephone Answering Service – Your goal is to help small businesses or entrepreneurs who need someone to pick up the phone for them or take orders and that could be you!

8. Printing and Promotional Products Creator – Do you love arts, crafts or scrapbooking? You can offer your service by making invitations, cards, arts and crafts to people who need them. Another examples are making business logos, monograms or provide drawings and illustrations.

9. Accounting/Tax Preparer – If you have the degree, the experience and the license to be an accountant, you can accept accounting jobs at home. From simple book keeping to being a professional accountant to small businesses, you can do a lot being an accountant at home.

10. Computer Technician/General Technician – You can accept jobs from other people and take the computers to you home for repair. Nowadays, you can also remotely manage or connect to other people’s computers from home and help them troubleshoot with their computer issues.

11. Consulting/Coaching/Personal Trainer – From technical consultant to business coaching or personal trainer, if you have the right skills, education, experience and accreditation you can run one of these types of home-based consulting business.

13. Tutoring or Online Teaching – If you are an expert on certain subjects or language you can run your own webinar by using tools like GoToMeeting.com or Google Hangout then teach people with your skills. You can also invite people to come to your house and tutor them with your existing skills or language.

14. Be a Virtual Assistant – This is literally like being a personal secretary to someone except that you work from home. You help the person accomplish tasks remotely according to his/her needs and deadline.

15. Coder/Programmer/Web Designer – If you have the talent to create or develop websites or apps, you can certainly make money from home. Sign up for “Elance” or “ODesk” and start accepting design or developer jobs.

16. Dressmaker – You just need to have the right tools and sewing machine but you can definitely start taking orders and making dresses or clothes at home.

17. Run Your Own Bed and Breakfast – If you have a huge space or extra room, you can accommodate students, tourists and other bed spacer to occupy your extra room. It’s like running a mini hotel except it is at home.

18. Flower Arranger – If you have the knack to arranging flowers, you can be a florist and provide arrangement service. You can cater to weddings, anniversaries, home arrangements and other special occasions.

19. Sell Cosmetics (like Avon or Mary K), Jewelries/Accessories, Vitamins or Host a “Tupperware Party” at Home. You may run a trunk show or start a networking party at home to promote your products, have fun with friends and network with new people.

20. Run Your Own Garage Sale.

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