On Advice & Self Help: 10 Things You Should Know About Men

1. If women like to nurture, men like to protect. So don’t take charge of everything. You’ll end up doing everything.

2. Be the best friend to his ego but don’t do it too much. In other words, learn how to compliment your partner. If he looks good in blue, say it. When he has a good hair cut, compliment it. But don’t over do it. It’s part of open communication. Don’t just communicate what you do not like about him or nag him about areas he can improve on. Focus on the positive. Similar with karma, what goes around comes around. Keep your relationship circle positive. Say good words, think good thoughts and do good deeds.

4. Know that he likes to barbecue and fix stuff. Most men would rather stand next to the fire and grill meat and fix things in the house than do any other type of food preparation. Men usually like things that involve challenge and danger. That’s why most men are into sports and competition. So how do we apply this to relationships? Women who are too insecure and have low self esteem are the opposite of challenge and danger. He likes the feeling that he can’t have you 100%!

5. To achieve a successful relationship learn how to appreciate him. Appreciate the things he does for you, let him know about it and say thank you. When he throws away the trash at night, say thank you. You’ll be surprised how he will be happier taking out the trash for you every night.

6. When it comes to nail polish, the majority of men prefer two shades only. Sexy red and classic french manicure. Your girl friends will appreciate more the crazy colors like neon, bright pink or blue.

7. The importance of touch. Did you know that his relationship satisfaction is associated with how frequently you touch him? Touching, massages and hugging are more important for the development of deeper connection and development of feelings than sex.

8. Be careful how you dress. Be careful who are you going to attract with your looks. Don’t mix the signals. Most men think pretty straight forward. What they see is that they usually perceive it to be. If you are already in a relationship, just be who you are. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not.

9. The “man cave” exists. Accept that he doesn’t want to hang out with you all the time. There are times when he wants to be alone, read the newspaper by himself or do things without you. This is where the measurement of confidence or self esteem of a woman kicks in. A woman with good self confidence doesn’t mind when he wants to do things on his own. She knows how to enjoy her own time also.

10. You can do a lot by looking a man straight into his eyes. It starts a trigger in his brain which stimulates him to be positive. If you want to tell him something, he is most likely to understand you and get the message than by talking on the phone or reading your text or email.

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