10 Signs You’re In The Wrong Relationship

Unsure where your relationship is heading? You are probably in the wrong relationship. Here are 10 tell-tale signs that you are in a wrong relationship.

10 Signs You are in the wrong relationship

1. “Am I with the Right Person?” – The fact that you have to ask, you probably are in the wrong relationship! When you are in the right relationship, things simply work. No relationship is perfect but when you are in a good relationship, the dynamics just work. There’s no need to analyze whether he/she’s in love with you. There’s no wondering or doubt. Even the deepest silence will provide you the assurance you need in the relationship.

2. You Need to Change. There’s a difference between compromising and changing. Sometimes, you need to adjust or compromise to make a relationship work. But to change who you are, what you believe in or how you look is something else. If you are in a good relationship, your partner will love you for who you are. I am not saying that you have to slack and not take care of yourself – that’s something else. But to change yourself so you fit in to his ideals, environment and beliefs are not good signs.

3. If there’s any sort of violence. Need I say more?

4. If he/she’s always busy. I don’t care what he/she does. A man/woman in love will always find the time.

5. If You’re a Puppet. If he/she always tells you what to do, what to wear or how to do things. You are clearly with a control freak.

6. If you always pay. I believe that it would be nice if men pay for the date in the beginning – but I also understand that it is not always the case due to many possible reasons and situations. However, if you always pay, and it appears that there is no indication that he is trying to show you that he could also provide, just imagine how much “weight-lifting” you have to do if you end up with him. Don’t forget, your goal is to have a long-lasting relationship not a long lasting-debt.

7. If you always wonder “What if you are with so and so…” If you truly love the person, you don’t have to look past him and wonder “What if.” On the other hand, if he/she truly loves you, you are the only one…. the so called, “The One”.

8. If all your friends, family and even your “subconscious mind” tell you so. This is where that saying, “love is blind” comes in. I understand that sometimes some family members or friends may disagree with your life choices, but if even you are wavering and you have to constantly defend him/her and your situation with that person against everyone, then consider re-evaluating your choices.

9. If you two are too different. It is a fact that every person is different. Even family members who grew up in the same house and runs the same blood can be different. Even opposites attract. But at some point, your principles, beliefs, wavelength and up-bringing should somehow meet. Every person has his/her own saturation point when they can only take as much and how much they can only put up with their differences. The idea is to live and grow together, not live and grow apart.

10. When You Are Not Comfortable. A good relationship is like living in a “good sweet home.” There may be fights. There may be challenges. It has its own ups and downs. But it is where the heart lives, the mind rest and the body follows.

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